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● Combining Decibels − up to 30 s ●

  adding - summing up to 30 incoherent  noise sources

The decibel calculator can be used to combine the s of up to thirty incoherent
electric or acoustic sources when theof each source is known in decibels (dB).

Pegel 1   dB
Pegel 2   dB
Pegel 3   dB
Pegel 4   dB
Pegel 5   dB
Pegel 6   dB
Pegel 7   dB
Pegel 8   dB
Pegel 9   dB
Pegel 10   dB
Pegel 11   dB
Pegel 12   dB
Pegel 13   dB
Pegel 14   dB
Pegel 15   dB
Pegel 16   dB
Pegel 17   dB
Pegel 18   dB
Pegel 19   dB
Pegel 20   dB
Pegel 21   dB
Pegel 22   dB
Pegel 23   dB
Pegel 24   dB
Pegel 25   dB
Pegel 26   dB
Pegel 27   dB
Pegel 28   dB
Pegel 29   dB
Pegel 30   dB
 Total level  dB
Fill in as many soundboxes as necessary and then click the calculate bar,
to get the calculated sum. Provided that each sound source has its own random phasing.

The formula for calculating the combining of two levels L1 and L2 is:

Formula for adding two levels

Combining decibels of one-third octave bands to level of one octave band and vice versa

Total adding of up to ten (10) incoherent sources

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